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New Project: Interaction and Cooperative Learning in the ELT Classroom

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In April 2017, I challenged myself “officially” to a new long-term research project. In this project, I investigate linguistic action patterns that arise in the context of cooperative learning in English language classrooms. I have been intruiged by the question of how teachers manage these highly emergent, hard-to-plan cooperative learning phases, i.e. introduce the complex tasks and, most importantly, provide help and motivation along the way.

My article “Brain book buddy boss” published here is the first publication from that project, sketching out some of the basic ideas. Another article is on its way 🙂 Still, I am currently in the challenging phase of collecting classroom data. So far, 15 lessons have been video- and audiotaped (and transcribed), but some more are still yet to come…

A more detailed description of the project can be found here (never mind the acronym, I’m still looking for a nice one!).