Books (Monographs)

Schildhauer, P. (2016). The Personal Weblog: A Linguistic History. Berlin: Peter Lang. (awarded Peter Lang Nachwuchspreis 2014)

Schildhauer, P. (2014). Textsorten im Internet zwischen Wandel und Konstanz: Eine diachrone Untersuchung der Textsorte Personal Weblog. Halle (Saale).

Books (Edited Volumes)

with A. Ammermann, A. Brock and J. Pflaeging (2013).  Facets of Linguistics. Proceedings of the 14th Norddeutsches Linguistisches Kolloquium in Halle Saale. Berlin: Peter Lang.

with A. Brock (2017). Communication Forms and Communicative Practices: New Perspectives on Communication Forms, Affordances and What Users Make of Them. Berlin: Lang.

with A. Brock & J. Pflaeging ( Genre Emergence: Developments in Print, TV and Digital Media. Berlin: Lang.


10 + 1: Living Linguistics. (E-Journal, founded edited with Jana Pflaeging):

   Issue #3 (Sept 2017): Political Linguistics (guest-editor: Sascha Michel)

    Issue #2 (Sept 2016): Contact Linguistics (guest-editor.: Marion Schulte)

   Issue #1 (Sept 2015): Media Linguistics


(submitted). “Interaction in Inclusive English Teaching: The Challenges of Cooperative Learning.” Inklusiver Englischunterricht.

with M. Schulte (submitted). “Teaching World Englisches with Films.” In: J. Andres, B. Rozema and A. Schröder (eds.): (Dis-)Harmony: Amplifying Voices in Polyphone Cultural Productions. Bielefeld: aisthesis.

(reviewed, revised, submitted). “More than ‘Just Blogging’: Introducing Blogging as a Practice in ELT.” In: Roland Ißler und Uwe Küchler (Hrsg.). Impulse zur Fremdsprachendidaktik – Issues in Foreign language Education.

( “Interaktionale Praktiken und Kooperatives Lernen: Beispiele aus dem Englischunterricht einer inklusiven 5. Klasse.” In: C. Caruso, J. Hofmann, A. Rohde & Kim Schick (eds.): Sprache im Unterricht: Ansätze, Konzepte, Methoden.

( “Genre and Community: The Early History of the Weblog.” In: A. Brock, J. Pflaeging, P. Schildhauer (eds): Genre Emergence: Developments in Print, TV and Digital Media. Berlin: Lang.

with C. Zehne (2018). “Studienprojekte im Praxissemester Anglistik: Konzeption und Studierendenperspektive.” HLZ 1(2). doi:

(2018). “Brain, book, buddy, boss: Eine Fallstudie zur lehrerseitigen Begleitung kooperativen Lernens im Englischunterricht einer inklusiven 5. Klasse.” In: K. Verrière & L. Schäfer (eds.): Interaktion im Klassenzimmer. Springer.

with A. Brock  (2017). Communication Form: A Concept Revisited“. In: Alexander Brock und Peter Schildhauer (eds.). Potentials and their Use: New Perspectives on Communication Forms, Affordances and What Users Make of Them. Frankfurt am Main u.a.: Peter Lang.

(2017). “Changing Potentials and Their Use: The Case of Blogs.” In: A. Brock & P. Schildhauer (eds.). Communication Forms and Communicative Practices: New Perspectives on Communication Forms, Affordances and What Users Make of Them.

(2017). “A Diachronic Approach to Web-based Genres: The Case of Personal Weblogs.” Linguistik Online 80(1). 

(2017). “Blogs in der Krise? Die Auswirkungen Sozialer Netzwerke auf die Textsorte Personal Weblog.” In: Coline Baechler et al. (eds.). Medienlingusistik 3.0: Formen und Wirkung von Textsorten im Zeitalter des Social Web. Berlin: Frank & Thimme.

(2017). „Genre Migration as Analogical Extension: Genre Ancestry of the Personal Weblog“. In: Christoph Haase und Anne Schröder (Hrsg.). Analogy, Copy, and Representation. Interdisciplinary Perspectives. (BEAST Vol. 7).

(2015a). „‘I’m not an Expert‘: Lay Knowledge, its Construction and Dissemination in Personal Weblogs“. Maria Bondi et al. (eds.). Discourse In and Through the Media: Recontextualizing and Reconceptualizing Expert Discourse. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars, 264-289.

(2015b). “Vom Fischer und seiner Frau 2.0: Wünsche zum Ideal der Bildung digital.” (2nd place in this essay competition initiated by the Stifterverband, open acces.

(2015c). „Blogging our Way to Digital Literacies? A Critical View on Blogs in Foreign Language Classrooms.” 10plus1: Living Linguistics 1, 182-195.

with J. Pflaeging  (2015). „Generating and Exchanging Knowledge: Rethinking Current Practices in Linguistics.10plus1: Living Linguistics 1, 1-8.

(2013): “The Textual Functions of Personal Weblogs: Stability, Diversity, and Change.” A. Ammermann et al. (eds). Facets of Linguistics. Berlin: Peter Lang, 117-130.

(2013): “Preface.” A. Ammermann et al. (eds). Facets of Linguistics. Berlin: Peter Lang, 7-8.


Schildhauer, Peter (2014). „Martin Luginbühl (2014): Medienkultur und Medienlinguistik.“ ZfAL 61(1), 137-146.

Talks (Selection; to be updated soon)

Brock, A. and P. Schildhauer (2013): “Zur Migration von Textsorten ins Internet: Alles nur Kommunikationsform?” Talk held at the GAL-Sektionstagung, September 2013, Aachen University.

Grube, P. (2011): “Am Anfang war das Wort: Zum Textsortenwandel im Internet.” Talk held at the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften July 2011, Halle University.

Grube, P. (2012): “Genres on the Internet between Stability and Change. Methodological Considerations of Diachronic Internet Research”. Talk held at 13th Norddeutsches Linguistisches Kolloquium March 2012, Potsdam University. (manuscript / slides)

Grube, P. (2013a): “Anything goes – everything done? Personal Weblogs aus diachroner Perspektive.” Talk held at the 2013 conference of the DGPuK section “Mediensprache / Mediendiskurse”, Trier University. (manuscript / slides) (The English version of this talk will soon be available here.)

Grube, P. (2013b): “The Textual Functions of Personal Weblogs. Stability, Diversity, and Change.” Talk held at 14th Norddeutsches Linguistisches Kolloquium March 2013, Halle University. (manuscript / slideshandout )

Grube, P. (2013c): “Von Goldsuchern zu Chronisten? Weblogs im Wandel.” Talk held at the Lange Nacht der Wissenschaften July 2013, Halle University.

Pflaeging, J. & P. Schildhauer (2015a): “Generating and Exchanging Knowledge: Re-thinking Current Practices in Linguistics”. Talk held at 15th NLK, Hannover.

Pflaeging J. & P. Schildhauer (2015b): “Setting the Scene: The Mediatization of Science Journalism” Talk held at 6th International Conference “Language in the Media”, Sept. 2015, Hamburg.

Pflaeging, J. & P. Schildhauer (2016a): “The 30 Teeniest Tieniest Puppies and Beer Keeps Colder With It: The Sociolinguistics of Online Genres” Seminar session (MA-seminar “Introduction to Sociolinguistics”, Lucia Miskulin, PhD, Zagreb University)

Pflaeging, J. & P. Schildhauer (2016b): “Sharing on the Social Web: Contrasting Viral and Non-Viral Online Genres.” Talk at First International Conference on Sociolinguistics, Sept. 2016, Budapest.

Schildhauer, P. (2013): “Personal Weblogs and Knowledge Dissemination: A Diachronic Perspective”. Talk held at CLAVIER 13, November 2013, Modena. (manuscript)

Schildhauer, P. (2014a): “Blogs in der Krise? Zum Einfluss Sozialer Netzwerkseiten auf die Textsorte Personal Weblog”. Vortrag zur 5. Tagung zur Kontrastiven Medienlinguistik, Januar 2014, Mannheim. (manuscript)

Schildhauer, P. (2014b): “Zur Geschichte des Blogs: Emergenz, Differenzierung und Profilierung einer internetbasierten Textsorte.” Talk held at Halle University’s Linguistenkreis.

Schildhauer, P. (2015a). “The Personal Weblog: Towards a Linguistic History”. Talk held at Bielefeld University.

Schildhauer, P. (2015b). “Blogs and Digital Literacies”. Talk held at Bonn University.

Schildhauer, P. (2015c). “Classroom Blogging – Blogging the Classroom? Incentives for Using Blogs in ELT”. Workshop at the Annual American Studies Committee Meeting 2015, November 2015, Muhlenberg Center for American Studies, Wittenberg.

Schildhauer, P. (2016a). “Professional English on the Web: Linguistic and Intercultural Aspects”. Seminar session in the seminar “English@work”, Prof. Dr. Barth-Weingarten, May 2016, Potsdam University.

Schildhauer, P. (2016b). “Genre Hybridity, Mimicry and Forgery in Corporate Communication”. Talk held at Forschungskolloquium Englische Sprachwissenschaft, Prof. Dr. Busse / Prof. Dr. Brock, May 2016, Halle University.


Bertz, Corinna (2016). „Zwei Linguisten schaffen mit ‚10plus1‘ neue Formate des wissenschaftlichen Austauschs.“Scientia Hallensis (Interview with Jana Pflaeging and Peter Schildhauer)

Schildhauer, Peter (2015). „Wie unterhaltsam darf digitale Bildung sein?“ Interview for the youtube-channel of the Stifterverband.


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