Welcome to my Personal Academic Blog Rough Waves. I use this blog as a research tool accompanying my doctoral thesis. Therefore, I post mainly thoughts about work in progress a a means to structure my thinking, find new perspectives and reach conclusions. The blog is also meant as a means to document the research progress, its ups and downs, its rough waves, to put it metaphorically. This metaphor, which I also used in the title of this blog, is taken from Santini et al. (2011) “Riding the Rough Waves of Genre on the Web”. This essay does not only provide a good guiding metaphor for my blog, it also touches on the research topic of my doctoral thesis.

My thesis (currently still written in German) is entitled: Genres on the Internet between Stability and Change: a Diachronic Analysis of the Genre Personal Weblog. In this thesis, I take an innovative, diachronic approach to Internet genre research to make established genre patterns, especially concerning the Personal Weblog, visible. I argue for the thesis that, even though the waves of genre on the Internet might be rough and developments might seem “chaotic” (Crowston & Kwasnik 2005: 79), stable patterns are necessary for the communication not to fail. And indeed, such stable patterns DO exist, as my diachronic analysis of the genre Personal Weblog shows. Stability, or pattern continuity, does not only exist concerning the online tradition of this genre but there are also tendencies of continuity with regard to offline genres such as diaries and others (cf. Miller & Shepherd 2004, Baron 2008 for interesting suggestions). Following a diachronic approach, I try to make visible both tendencies of continuity and change as far as the Personal Weblog is concerned (of course I keep an eye on the general picture as well).

I also use this blog as English writing practice as I intend to translate my thesis from German into English once the first draft is finished.

I am aware that probably not many people will pop in, take the time to read the postings and even comment on them. It is quite likely that NO ONE will do this. Nevertheless, please feel invited to read and comment both on content and language to your heart’s content. I would be glad to get engage in fruitful discussions concerning my research topic as well as neighboring academic topics.

Please, join me on my voyage through the rough waves of my doctoral thesis!

Best Wishes,


P.S.: You can find all my references of this pages and all postings on the Bibliography-Page of this blog.


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