So far, I have taught the following university courses:

Teaching English as a Foreign Language:

  • Second Language Acquisition (BA)
  • Current Approaches to Language Teaching (BA)
  • Media in the Communicative English Classroom (BA)
  • Varieties of English in the Classroom (BA)
  • Teaching Global Englishes (BA/M.Ed.)
  • Teaching Genre (BA/M.Ed.)
  • Teaching English in and through the New Media (M.Ed.)
  • Diversity, Inclusive Pedagogy, and ELT (M.Ed.)
  • Teaching Grammar and Vocabulary in Heterogeneous Classrooms (M.Ed.)
  • Classroom Communication (M.Ed.)
  • Researching in the Foreign Language Classroom (various foci: methods, inclusion, classroom interaction; M.Ed.)
  • Begleitseminar zum Praxissemester (M.Ed.)
  • Reflexion zum Praxissemester (M.Ed.)


English Linguistics

  • Introduction to Linguistics I (BA)
  • Accents and Dialects in the British Isles (BA)
  • History of the English Language (BA)
  • Essentials of Early English (BA)
  • Semantics (BA)
  • From banhus to cul8er: English Morphology and Word-Formation (BA)
  • English in the New Media: Computer-mediated Communication (BA)
  • Linguistic Aspects of Computer-mediated Communication (BA / MA)
  • Language and Communication on the Internet (BA/MA )
  • Language and Education in Britain (BA / M.Ed)
  • Media Linguistics (MA)


Language Practice

  • Presentation and Research Skills (BA)


Sprachdidaktik Deutsch

  • Einführung in die Sprach- und Mediendidaktik
  • Schulgrammatik in Theorie und Praxis
  • Digitale Medien im Deutschunterricht
  • Sprachunterricht in heterogenen Lerngruppen
  • Schulpraktische Übungen (Einführung – Betreuung – Hospitation – Reflexion)
  • Schulpraktika I + II (Einführung – Betreuung – Hospitation – Reflexion)


Germanistische Sprachwissenschaft

  • Einführung in die Germanistische Sprachwissenschaft



  • Schulgrammatik intensiv
  • Alt- und Mittelhochdeutsch
  • Introduction to Linguistics



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