This page displays the university courses I have taught so far. I will upload most of my teaching material for each course (powerpoint slides, worksheets, syllaby). I would be happy about constructive feedback but also if my material could be of any use beyond my courses.

NB: This page is in serious need of updating!

Introduction to Linguistics I

Taught SS 2014, WS 2014, SS 2015, WS 2015

This introductory class is a lecture in the guise of a seminar with an audience of 90+ students. The course introduces students of English to system linguistics (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics).

Accents and Dialects in the British Isles (B.A course)

Taught SS 2014, WS 2014, SS 2015, WS 2015

This course dealt with a number of English accents, aiming at increasing the students’ listening competences, but also phonetic transcription skills, alongside the accumulation of knowledge about some varieties of English in the British Isles. Some sessions on theoretical concepts (identity, levelling and diffusion etc.) served to put the practical sessions into a larger context.

History of the English Language (B.A. course)

Taught SS 2014, SS 2015

Another lecture in the guise of a seminar. The class provides an overview of major developments of the English language from pre-Old English to Early Modern English.

Essentials of Early English (B.A. course)

Taught SS 2014

A B.A.-seminar boiling English language history down to its essentials.

Semantics (B. A. course)

Taught SS 2014, WS 2014, SS 2015

My first course and also one I am still most unsure about. Semantics is just such a vast field that selecting relevant aspects for students of English is not an easy task. I will teach this (or a similar) course again in winter 2014 / 2015; looking forward to making some changes to the original set up.

English in the New Media: Computer-mediated Communication (B.A. seminar)

Taught SS 2014

This course was a Blockseminar at Potsdam University. Teaching a Blockseminar was a completely new challenge for me but it turned out one of my best and enjoyable courses in summer 2014.

Linguistic Aspects of Computer-mediated Communication (mixed BA / M.A. seminar)

Taught WS 2014

My first course with a M.A. audience, centering on methods and approaches to CMC.

From banhus to cul8er: English Morphology and Word-Formation (B.A. seminar)

Taught WS 2014

This course implements the portfolio concept and phases of Freiarbeit (whatever the proper English term for that concept might be).

Language and Communication on the Internet (mixed B.A / M.A seminar)

Taught SS 2015, cooperation with Dr. Jörg Wagner’s (Halle University) seminar “Sprachwissenschaftliche Aspekte der Kommunikation im Internet”

This course is based on the approaches of learning by exploration and learning by experience. Students from Bielefeld and Halle university cooperate in small-scale research projects via digital media. The communication in these teams is later reflected on from a medialinguistic point of view. Learning thus takes place at various intertwined levels, with the learning experience being much more intense (hopefully) than in my previous media / CMC courses, which were based on reflection / exploration.

Language and Education in Britain

Taught SS 2015

This course looks at various issues of language diversity, language planning and policy, identity etc. with a pronounced focus of all these aspects for educational environments (primary, secondary and tertiary education in Britain, and – as comparable issues are at stake – also in Germany)


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