On the following sites, you can download research resources that have emerged from my research projects so far. You are invited to use them in your research, but please cite them adequately 😉

The Diachronic Blog Corpus (DIABLOC)

This is the corpus my PhD is based on. The following subsections contain links to snaphshots of the respective blog pages in the Internet Archive. I’d also like to provide zip-files of the txt-documents containing the raw text of postings on each corpus blog page but WordPress won’t let me. I will gladly send those files to you if you asked. If you come across any dead links or other inconsistencies, please don’t hesitate to contact me, too.

Trancripts from the Interaction in ELT Cooperative Learning Phases (ICooL) Corpus

This is my ongoing post-doc project (see, e.g. Schildhauer 2019 for some details, or here for a corpus overview) and you can find GAT2 transcripts from recent talks and/or publications here.